We offer several unique K-12 programs …
1) DDU Show: Australian Music, Character Building & More for K-5th – in-person and virtual!
2) DDU Show: Australian Music, Culture & More for 6th-12th – in-person and virtual!
3) Protect the Planet: Earth Science and Environmental Entertainment for K-9th – in-person and virtual! (more info
4) Adventures of the Wild Wolf: Children’s Author, Storytelling, Motivational Speaking for K-5th – virtual! (more info here)
5) Aussie Funk Jam: Didgeridoo Workshop for 2nd-12th – in-person and virtual!

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Didgeridoo Down Under Show

“Several teachers said that this was the best program we have had in our 54-year history.”  Bryan Kaye, Assistant Head of School, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, SC

The DDU Show is an energetic fusion of Australian music, culture, art, science, literacy development, comedy, character building, anti-bullying, motivational speaking and audience participation. The didgeridoo has been played by Aboriginal Australians for at least 1,500 years, and is known for its otherworldly sound. But DDU is much more than music. It’s interactive, educational, motivational and super fun for all ages!



“Our Didgeridoo Down Under presentation was absolutely amazing.”Annie Marmiol, Social Studies Department Chair, Elkins Pointe Middle, GA

DDU is a true cross-curricular program that supports state and national educational standards. During the show, we play a variety of exotic didgeridoos. We also use a multitude of props – including a vocabulary list, a globe, motivational signs, artifacts, artwork and puppets – to deliver educational lessons and empowering messages. A study guide is provided for pre- and post-performance lesson plans. We adjust our programs according to the audience’s grade levels and learning objectives.


DDU Will Motivate Your Students To … – Respect multiculturalism and diversity. – Get excited about learning and reading. – Think creatively and imaginatively. – Act with kindness and acceptance. – Appreciate world music and art. – Stand up against bullying. – Protect the environment. – Become better global citizens!


Aussie Funk Jam Workshop Another favorite school program is our Aussie Funk Jam, in which we teach how to play the didgeridoo with our beginner instruments. The Aussie Funk Jam is hands-on, cool, funky and unique – ideal for teens and tweens, but OK for ages 8 and up. It’s a perfect complement to the DDU show!


Our Programs are Affordable!

“Worth every cent and more!” – Connie McSwain, Media Specialist, Emerson Elementary, GA

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“I have been at Merry Oaks for 14 years and this is the best production we have had in that time. We especially appreciate the links to character education, global awareness, and environmental awareness.”

Nan Bloom, Art Teacher, Merry Oaks Elementary, NC


“Thank you for your message of acceptance, diversity, and awesome Aussie-ness! It was engaging, creative, and powerful!”

Julie Roberts, Principal, Seymour Smith Intermediate Learning Center, NY


“The performance was top-notch and more than appropriate for a school full of teenage boys!
I highly recommend Didgeridoo Down Under!”

Paula I. Wichmann, Library Director, Mount St. Joseph High, MD


We are dedicated to helping develop better global citizens, and we incorporate these themes into our kids’ shows …