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College students and staff love our Didge Evolution concerts and workshops.
We offer both in-person (solo and duo) and virtual (solo) events for the college set.
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Didge Evolution (in person)

“The Didge Evolution concert and the entire experience with Rob and Tanya were fantastic. I highly recommend!” – Dr. James Latten, Music Professor, Juniata College, PA

Didge Evolution is a musical project created by master didgeridoo players Rob Thomas and Tanya Gerard. The Didge Evolution concert is a multimedia experience that weaves contemporary didgeridoo music, mythological soundscapes and historical context into a rich audiovisual tapestry … that will transport the audience to the Australian Outback and beyond. The didgeridoo has been played by Aboriginal people for at least 1,500 years, and is known for its otherworldly sound. Rob and Tanya play a modern style, mixing fast-paced rhythms with relaxing soundscapes and organic sound effects. They use multiple screen projections of Australian landscapes, vintage Aboriginal imagery and flowing light images to create an immersive experience. Audience members are encouraged to participate in a Q&A session after the show. (60-75 minutes, unlimited audience size)


“Rob and Tanya were a fantastic act to bring to campus. While the music was impressive on its own, I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach of using various art forms, including storytelling, poetry, and photography, to convey the stories and myths of Australia’s culture.” – Jessie Hurkes, Assistant Director of Student and Civic Engagement, Penn State Altoona

Rob and Tanya also offer an interactive workshop, in which they teach how to play the didgeridoo with their beginner instruments. Participants learn how to drone and use sound variations such as tonguing and animal calls; how to make simple rhythms; and the fundamental concepts of circular breathing. The workshop culminates with an uplifting jam session. Rob & Tanya also offer a master class for music and fine arts students, in which they teach more advanced techniques. (60-75 minutes, maximum 60 participants)


“The workshops and concert were totally ripper! I can’t say that everything met expectations, because it exceeded expectations!” – Dr. Jeanie Wozencraft-Ornellas, Music Department Head, Meredith College, NC

Rob and Tanya are true didgeridoo pioneers in the U.S., having played and made didges for more than 20 years. They’ve performed throughout the country, have recorded several CDs, and have produced music for numerous films, including the IMAX movie Sacred Planet. They are founding members of the legendary tribal-trance project Inlakesh, and their breakthrough album The Gathering inspired a generation of didgeridoo enthusiasts. They currently perform and teach didgeridoo at K-12 schools, colleges, festivals and other venues nationwide. Tanya grew up in Australia, and both she and Rob have traveled extensively abroad. They lived in Santa Fe, N.M., for 22 years before moving to North Carolina in 2013 to work full-time with Didge Evolution and Didgeridoo Down Under. Rob also performs solo at many events. Please contact us for a price quote and more info.


Didge Evolution (virtual) Virtuoso didgeridoo player and master multimedia producer Rob Thomas invites you on a journey to Australia … and beyond. Rob was born in the U.S., lived in Australia, and has traveled the world, all of which have contributed to his unique and captivating musical project, Didge Evolution. The Didge Evolution “live virtual” concert (not a prerecorded video) mixes funky didgeridoo rhythms, pumping beats, percussion instruments and relaxing soundscapes with both organic and electronic sound effects … all the while immersing the audience in a stunning virtual landscape of Australian forests, deserts, oceans and distant galaxies. Didge Evolution is much more than a musical event. It’s a mesmerizing journey of sight, sound and imagination!


Didge Evolution also is educational and inspirational. The didgeridoo has been played by Australia’s Aboriginal people for at least 1,500 years, and Rob explains its history and connections to the modern day. He encourages college students to travel broadly, think creatively and appreciate the interconnectivity of all humans and earthly inhabitants. Audience members are encouraged to participate in a Q&A session after the show.


Rob is a true didgeridoo pioneer in the U.S. He has been making and playing didgeridoos for almost 30 years; has performed throughout the country; has recorded several CDs; and has produced music for numerous films, including the IMAX movie Sacred Planet. He is an expert in the virtual realm, and he has invested hundreds of hours in his professional production studio to create enthralling online shows and workshops. He takes pride in delivering superbly high-quality live virtual experiences!


Didge Evolution In-Person Concert (promo)

Didge Evolution Virtual Concert (promo)

“The show was entertaining and impressive. Our audience loved it!” 

Elizabeth Bachelder, Performing Arts Series Director, Roanoke College, VA 


“Rob and Tanya were excellent performers and educators. They clearly love what they do and know a great deal about Aboriginal culture. What struck me is how versatile and comfortable they were with all age groups, skill levels, and backgrounds.”

Dr. Keith Dippre, Music Department Chair, Methodist University, NC


“Didge Evolution facilitated an excellent hands-on workshop to our music education majors and several local K-12 teachers. The evening concert was a unique experience for our recital hall, filled with a mix of earthly and electronic sounds, as well as beautiful images of Australia. The program was appealing for a wide range of audience members, both from campus and from the community.”

Laura A. Stambaugh, Associate Professor & Head of Music Education, Georgia Southern University