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School Testimonials


What a great week of outstanding performances by Rob. Thank you for impacting our county student population with phenomenal educational entertainment and great fun. This program ranks #1 in our history of sponsoring Arts in Education Programming in all Huntington County Schools for the past 29 years.

Debbie Dyer, Executive Director, La Fontaine Arts Council, IN



We were THRILLED with Mr. Rob and his performances! He was energetic, knowledgeable, friendly, engaging, and passionate about the content AND he was an extraordinary musician! He kept my students, almost 600, engaged for almost an hour… and students left the gym begging for more!

Rachel Stringer-Grimsley, Music Teacher, Dawson Elementary, MA



Both of Will’s shows were AMAZING! The kids LOVED it! I honestly cannot express in words how happy I was with it. Amazing. Truly amazing. Loved EVERY minute!

Sonja Renhult, Vice Principal, Washington Elementary, CA



Will was incredibly professional, funny, and talented. He had to entertain age ranges of K-7 for both assemblies and managed to keep everyone engaged. I’m not easily impressed and he impressed me! It was fabulous!

Bonnie Nelson-Duffey, Music Teacher, Bay Farm Elementary, CA



Didgeridoo Down Under was awesome! New, fun, exciting, positive attitude and energy, with a message for all ages. Rob was very funny and informative. The students weren’t even aware he was teaching them because they were having so much fun! 

Stacia Marino, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Albany Avenue Elementary, NY



Rob was nothing less than awesome! He adapted the performances to fit our students (one show for younger, another for older). The entire program was a great mix of music, character traits, geography, history, and vocabulary. He was enthusiastic, funny, and knowledgeable about the material.

Steven Fackenthall, Music Teacher, Richey Elementary, DE



By every standard this met our expectations and beyond! Five stars!

Marybeth Blake, Principal, Warwick Elementary, MD



The shows were AMAZING! I am not exaggerating! Both adults and students really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Rob has an excellent rapport with the students. He makes it fun, but he also manages the audience very well. FANTASTIC JOB!

Kirk Wright, Principal, Riverside Elementary, GA



Rob was amazing! He presented the material in a fun and energetic fashion that captivated the audience for the entire performance. Two thumbs up and five stars times two! 

Tina Ross, PTA, Rolesville Elementary, NC



This was literally one of the best performances, if not THE best, we have ever had at our school. We had two sessions. Each was jam packed with vocabulary, cultural awareness, environmental information, science and social studies content, respect for diversity, and of course … music! I’m only naming some of the aspects of the performance. We have had teachers praising the performance for days, parents saying their kids came home talking incessantly and making their own didgeridoos, and the kids have raved about it. Seriously a top-notch program! Thank you!!!

Andi Webb, PTA, Alderman Road Elementary, NC



DDU was one of the best school assemblies we have seen at St. Joseph School! I have been scheduling assemblies now for two years and have brought in many different types of programs, so I can honestly say that the program content and Rob’s talent really was a home run! Great job, DDU!

Claudia Smith. Mother’s Club, St. Joseph School (K-8), NY



The show was absolutely awesome! I cannot tell you how many teachers approached me throughout the rest of the day to relay what a wonderful time their students had, and how beneficial they thought the information was to our curriculum. Our students were genuinely engaged and we have you all to thank for it!

Jacob Pendergraft, Social Studies Teacher, Dean Rusk Middle, GA



We had a fabulous time. Your material was so thoughtfully produced. The props were informative and fun. The entire program was engaging. The interaction with students was appropriate and highly successful. We would recommend your program to any school.

Julia Mastropaolo, PTA, Underwood Magnet Elementary, NC



Rob did a wonderful job enthusiastically presenting the show! It was well sequenced, packed full of great information, engaging, thrilling AND promoted good messages about treating each other and our environment with respect and care! It was clearly one of the best shows I’ve scheduled for our school in years!

Gina Davis, Music Teacher, Frey Elementary, GA



Lindsey was amazing! The students and teachers were captivated! He spoke very well to each of the different age groups, and also adapted his pieces for the different levels. All of the teachers appreciated how educational the shows were, and his musicianship was stellar.

Thanks for your commitment to music education and big kudos to Lindsey!

Artie Almeida, Music Instructor, Bear Lake Elementary, FL



Thank you to Didgeridoo Down Under for your message of acceptance, diversity, and awesome Aussie-ness! It was engaging, creative, and powerful!

Julie Roberts, Principal, Seymour Smith Intermediate Learning Center, NY



Rob & Tanya did an amazing job! Our kids and teachers absolutely loved their performance.

We are an alternative school, but we want to provide our students with opportunities that they may miss out on at their regular schools. Rob and Tanya were very understanding of our students and really made them feel like they were special, in spite of their past. The kids were well behaved and excited about the show. We look forward to seeing you next year!!!

Kimberly McTeer, Assistant Principal, GIVE Center West, GA



Our Didgeridoo Down Under presentation today was absolutely amazing. The students and teachers enjoyed Mr. Rob Thomas’ musical talent as well as his enthusiastic storytelling and informational pieces. I have already forwarded your information to other Fulton County schools expressing my fondness of the program. Thank you for providing our students with such a wonderful show!

Annie Marmiol, Social Studies Department Chair, Elkins Pointe Middle, GA



What an amazing show!!! ALL of the teachers loved it, and the students were crazy about it!!! Rob and Tanya were phenomenal! Rob and Tanya were so professional and organized and good with the students. The workshop was wonderful as well. Overall, the absolute best educational program I’ve been a part of or attended with students. Just great!!

Topsail Elementary students are didgeridoo fans for life!!

Laura Beth Payne, Music Teacher, Topsail Elementary, NC



Rob and Tanya were GREAT! We have had other programs in the past that claim to be educational that did not fulfill their promise. Your program was both very entertaining and educational. I received several emails from teachers claiming that this was the best program we have had in our 54-year history. Keep up the great work and we will see you again soon.

Bryan Kaye, Assistant Head of School, All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, SC



Rob and Tanya are amazing!!! They are so knowledgeable and really held the students attention (even the kindergarten students, and that is hard to do). I don’t think I have ever seen a show so organized, funny, and educational. Thank you so much for what you do. I will definitely share with others this awesome resource for teaching global diversity!!!

Jody McLemore, Kindergarten Teacher, New Salem Elementary, NC




Thank you so much for creating such a fun and educational program! Our students were fascinated with the curriculum that you provided and the unique animals and culture of the Land Down Under. Tanya and Rob presented an assembly that was engaging both visually, musically, and educationally. They touched upon a number of topics that were meaningful to our students and learning community, including science, social studies, social awareness and the acceptance of diversity.

I also want to compliment you on your materials that you provided for the classroom teachers prior to the event. Your packet was thorough and gave me a number of possibilities as far as instructional materials and opportunities to diversify my instruction based on grade level and ability. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication to educating our students!

Elizabeth Martens-Bill, Music Teacher, Allenbrook Elementary, NC



Stough Elementary had a great time with Didgeridoo Down Under! Tanya and Rob are such wonderful people and I enjoyed getting to know them as much as the kids enjoyed the show. I received glowing feedback from teachers and students. Everyone kept thanking me for bringing you.

Ragen Carlile, Program Coordinator, United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County

& PTO Cultural Arts Coordinator, Stough Elementary, NC



I am so pleased that we were able to have Rob & Tanya here at Emerson Elementary. Rarely has a guest been in such complete control and able to draw us all into the performance. We truly took a “field trip to the land down under” and learned to appreciate diversity and take care of our planet. Our music and media programs pooled our resources and have absolutely no regrets. Worth every cent and more!

Connie McSwain, Media Specialist, Emerson Elementary, GA



Rob and Tanya were fabulous! I have been at Merry Oaks for 14 years and this is the best production we have had in that time. Their presentation was very professional and polished. We especially appreciate the links to character education, global awareness, and environmental awareness. Thanks so much.

Nan Bloom, Art Teacher, Merry Oaks Elementary, NC



Rob & Tanya are wonderful!!! The show is exceptional, fun and very educational. The students were all so involved and the teachers were very pleased with the subject content. The music was amazing. The kids had a blast!!!

Karlene HemerlyFluck-Kroll, PTO President, Bennett Elementary, VA



Thank you, Rob and Tanya for putting on a FANTASTIC show for the kids!! It was high-energy, upbeat, and informative, and you could see on both the students’ AND teachers’ faces that they were truly enjoying themselves while learning not only about Australia, but about diversity and character. I was thrilled to bring them to our school … THANK YOU, DDU!!!

Christine Staub, PTA Cultural Arts Coordinator, Jones Dairy Elementary, NC



Thank you so much for the recent Didgeridoo Down Under Show for National Library Week. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the students and faculty. Lindsey was fantastic! He engaged and enlightened the audience with his vast knowledge about the history and culture of the Aboriginal people. He played the didgeridoo with great passion and flair. He was even able to convince some of the teens and their teachers to get up and dance while he played various instruments! His performance was top-notch and more than appropriate for a school full of teenage boys!

The entire booking process was simple and smooth. Didgeridoo Down Under exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it!

Paula Wichmann, Library Director, Mount St. Joseph High, MD



Mr. Lindsey was absolutely fantastic! He provided a very engaging performance for our entire sixth grade, approximately 600 students. He did an excellent job of making Australian culture relevant and enlightening for our students. He provided education in a very entertaining manner, just as you promised. He even asked our principal for suggestions in areas of improvement after the first show. She was very impressed by this as very few presenters ever ask her for her opinion after a performance. She provided a tip which he immediately included in the second show! Impressive! He was very personable and the students all mentioned how awesome this experience was for them. I can’t wait to book again next year!

Christi Bailey, Social Studies Teacher, Trickum Middle, GA



The performance was absolutely wonderful. One teacher who had been there for almost 15 years said that was the best performance the school has ever had. Lindsey had everyone involved and in control. AWESOME…AWESOME…AWESOME job. We will have you again in the very near future.

Marlin T. Ketter, Music Teacher, Southside Early Childhood Center, SC



I highly recommend Didgeridoo Down Under as a program that is both educational and entertaining. Raihan Alam performed 2 shows at our 850-student, inner-city school in Birmingham. Raihan had great interaction with very large groups, and we were extremely impressed. He tailored each show to the audience age group and needs. Simply hearing didgeridoos was amazing enough, but Raihan included so much more in teaching about Australia, character education, the importance of learning, etc. He was very engaging and knows how to hold the children’s attention. Several teachers commented that is the best program we have had all year.

Katie Sefton, Reading Coach, Huffman Academy, AL



I loved everything, the students loved everything, the teachers were very complimentary and our principal thought it was just fantastic! Thank you again for such a wonderful performer and program and very affordable rates!!

Rhonda Evrard, Music Specialist, Zebulon Elementary, NC



Both shows were phenomenal! Everyone enjoyed every minute – kids and staff alike – from our Ks on up to our principal! Lindsey absolutely knows his stuff! He nailed the content, wailed on the didgeridoos, and certainly showed that he knew how to communicate / deal with kids. He paced the show such that when the squirmies set in, he had them on their feet, dancing and moving to the incredible rhythms. He put 110% into his program here. How he could go off to another school and do 2 more was beyond me! The Energizer Bunny and then some! So, in a word . . . we were thrilled!

Camilla Mazzotta, Media Specialist, Sharon Elementary, NC



Thank you SO much for bringing Lindsey to our school! All of the students involved had an absolute blast with him, and quite a few have been asking about him coming next year (which really is the highest compliment!). Our faculty and administration were also blown away by the entire performance, including the character building. Please continue to do what you do with Didgeridoo Down Under!

Nancy Waring, Music Teacher, J.C. Lynch Elementary, SC



Lindsey was absolutely amazing! He was prompt, professional, educational, engaging, and entertaining. The feedback from the teachers and students has been outstanding. As I did my classroom walk-throughs after the shows, students were discussing and writing about the Australian culture. Being a beach-side school, we are BIG on recycling! The kids can’t wait to get home and make their own didgeridoo from recycled wrapping paper tubes!


Jennifer Julian, Assistant Principal, Gemini Elementary, FL



Darren (and Lindsey) –

I can’t tell you how many times yesterday our students and teachers used the word AWESOME. I just emailed my principal to say that yesterday was one of the highlights of my teaching career and that I floated home from the joy I saw on my students’ faces. I also saw that joy spread to the teachers. I saw upper grades teachers stop by the door for just a portion of Lindsey’s second show and then dance their way back to their classroom. I am a little teary just thinking of it now.

My students were thrilled with the concerts, thrilled with the workshop, thrilled with Lindsey himself. Both our principal and assistant principal were able to attend and they were wowed by the content and cross-curricular integration. It was worth every minute of any work that had to be done in advance to provide my students with this musical experience!

Kim Hilliard, Music Teacher, Sandhills Farm Life Elementary, NC



Lindsey Dank’s show was perfect! The staff and students appreciated the instruments, the technique, the animal tie-ins, the map of Australia (we’re an IB school) and the anti-bullying. The vocabulary words were a hit with the teachers. It is fun learning new terminology! The teachers even walked away saying….”wow.” I am 46, and have never seen an assembly like this in my life. Lindsey was extremely kind and worked hard setting up tables, and making it come alive for us. He is so fun and talented! Thanks again for all!

Amy Shuffler, Music Teacher, Lansdowne Elementary, NC


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of the musical and educational group Didgeridoo Down Under. The founder of DDU, Darren Liebman, was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly, organized, timely, and professional. The presentations were fast-paced, energetic and included a plethora of information. Upon request, Darren weaved in an anti-drug message that tied into our annual Red Ribbon Week. The students were fascinated by the sound and sight of the didgeridoo, and actively listened and participated throughout. Everyone came away with a greater appreciation for the Aboriginal people, the didgeridoo, the earth and conservation, and treating all people with respect and dignity. There are countless possibilities for curricular ties to music, history, English, science and visual arts. In addition, the presentation satisfies the New York State character education mandate. Band students also participated in special workshops where students learned how to play the didgeridoo using PVC pipe in lieu of a traditional instrument.
I strongly encourage other schools to consider this unique and quality presentation for their students.
Elizabeth Buell, Band Director, Onondaga Hill Middle, NY



This was a wonderful show! When Lindsey began to play the first didgeridoo, the students’ eyes opened and he had their attention. It was wonderful to have a program that, while the focus was on making music, the students learned geography, history, culture, science, ecology, animals, language – in addition to the importance of respect for others and the environment. Through your program, you are educating the students about a totally different world, which is teaching understanding, tolerance and acceptance (all necessary to prevent bullying). The teachers and students made comments through the school day that this was one of the best assemblies that they have seen. Thank you!

Martha Requard, Music Teacher, Joppa View Elementary, MD



The DDU program at our school was WONDERFUL! The students loved it and our teachers and principal were very impressed and amazed! I was appreciative that you lined up this program for us on such short notice. Lindsey arrived on time and ready. He was sensitive to the mood of the students and moved his presentation along appropriately. Afterwards, we (including me) had to quickly move on with our regular class schedules, but Lindsey took extra time to go to a special needs class and play and interact with them one on one. I was very impressed with his caring spirit. You guys have fantastic talent and great marketing skills.

Thanks again for coming to Whiteville Primary School,

Carol Greer, Music Teacher, Whiteville Primary, NC



We just hosted Darren and his Didgeridoo Down Under presentation today as our RP Celebration and it was wonderful!!! The students were immensely entertained for the entire hour … even our first graders paid attention for the entire time. Darren did more than just played didgeridoos, he spoke of the Aborigines culture and showed pictures. He discussed the environment and how to take care of it (reuse, reduce, and recycle) and about the love of reading. He also focused on character building. He did a terrific job letting the students know how everyone is different and that’s OK. The show involved the children and they had a blast. It was a great show to do as a reward or celebration. Some teachers even told me that children who couldn’t attend were jealous! I definitely would recommend him!!

Kelly Sullivan, Media Specialist, Cork Elementary, FL



G’Day Darren,

Thank you so much for the terrific presentation!

Not only was “Didgeridoo Down Under” an informative, well-organized and educational presentation enjoyed by all, but your engaging personality made the whole experience very fun for the students. You had a wonderful way of keeping their interest. I especially liked how you incorporated geography, social studies, vocabulary, character education, care of the environment, and the importance of reading into your presentation. And it goes without saying that everyone was excited and mesmerized by the awesome sounds of the didgeridoo and the other instruments!

The children really liked that you made the presentation fun and allowed them to participate interactively instead of just sitting and listening the whole time. Some of the students told me they already made or plan to make a didgeridoo at home! So, all in all, they learned and were inspired by the presentation! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Jan Mianowski, Music Teacher, Christ Church School, FL



I just recently had Darren Liebman host an assembly for our students. The program was received with such overwhelming excitement by the students and staff. Darren provided a study guide for the teachers which included everything from background information, vocabulary, language, lesson plans and activities and even web links for further information. It was a phenomenal program that brought an awareness of Australian music, culture, art, nature, and education to the students. Darren captivated the students’ interest from start to finish.

Kathleen Garcia, Science Resource Teacher, Panther Run Elementary, FL



I had Lindsey Dank from Didgeridoo Down Under perform for my students today as an Artist in Residence. All I can say is WOW!!! He incorporated art, music, science, social studies and reading. The students loved him, the teachers were very impressed and my principal said it was AWESOME!

Janet Lail, Music Teacher, North Hartsville Elementary, SC



Didgridoo Down Under provided a highly engaging and compelling clinic for my band kids. They left excited, and it inspired a newfound respect for the instruments. As a music educator, exposure is key to a successful music education, and this was well worth the time and money spent.

Derek Shapiro, Director of Bands, Cypress Creek High, FL



“WOW”…is all I have to say. “Lindsey is incredible!”

I never viewed the videos beforehand, I just wanted a didgeridoo player to come and play for us. He started the performance by playing and I thought Wow ….. he’s amazing. It was worth every penny! His positive, encouraging energy brought all of us together today and a wonderful memory has been made. His boundless energy is inspiring to me!

Marcy McGahan, Art Teacher, Hellen Caro Elementary, FL



Lindsey was a pleasure to work with! Many, many teachers and administrators approached me after the assemblies to enthusiastically tell me that DDU was the best program we have ever had! The assemblies served as a culmination of a three-week unit of study in K-5 music classes and the kids really enjoyed it. I even went out to the hardware store this weekend to buy PVC pipe for my students to try it out for themselves. We had a great day and certainly learned a lot about Australian culture. Thanks for everything!

Bonnie Shea, Music Teacher, Sabal Point Elementary, FL



Lindsey’s performance was phenomenal! Our kids were so into it, as were the adults! Please keep up the amazing work, these kids ate it right up!

Krystal Andrade, SAFE Coordinator, Lakeview Middle, FL



Darren has been performing for our second graders for 5 years. He has such a wonderful talent, not only in playing the didgeridoo, but also teaching the students about taking care of our planet and caring for others. He has such a gift for keeping the students engaged and teaching them all about Australia. We look forward to having Darren share his gifts with our classes every year. Thanks Darren!

Carla Gephart, 2nd Grade Teacher, Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School, FL



We had nearly 450 IB students attend this demonstration. I saw students tapping their feet, clapping their hands, and nodding their heads with huge smiles on their faces. Mr. Dank had a way with the students too. He had a gentle yet firm way of getting our students’ attention instantly. The demonstration was not all about music only. He had students learn about history, culture, and the process of building the musical instrument. He involved the students in making the music which excited the students to no end. Some of the teachers commented about how effective and interesting the show was. All in all, the demonstration was fabulous and Mr. Dank was a hit!

Jhunu Mohapatra, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Stonewall Jackson Middle, FL



Didgeridoo Down Under was fantastic and exceeded all of my expectations! Lindsey was great with the younger and the older groups! It can be difficult to keep a group of 300 plus 5- to 8-year-olds engaged, but he did! I loved how he had the students participate. The music was wonderful and I really appreciated the educational aspect of the program!

Susan Chick, Principal, Holiday Hill Elementary, FL



Hello Darren: Thank you so much for coming to our school. Your program was a great part of our Violence Free Week celebration. You not only taught the kids about unity and accepting other cultures, but also about how to get along and coping skills to prevent violence. We were so entertained by your program that the school is still talking about it!

Judith Brown, DVS Specialist, Lake Orienta Elementary, FL



Hi Darren,

It was such a pleasure to have Didgeridoo Down Under visit Boulevard Heights. Your multicultural program was fantastic! Students and faculty raved about your presentation as being one of the best we have ever had!! You had all the ingredients of a successful program. Integrating history, music, art, geography, and science with a colorful and interesting visual display on stage, set the tone for a wonderful learning experience. Your enthusiasm, humor, excellent stage presence, and opportunity for audience participation, were icing on the cake. Thank you for giving our school an “out of the box” marvelous educational and entertaining experience.

Betty Bunnell, Multicultural Coordinator, Boulevard Heights Elementary, FL



The show was great! It met and went beyond my expectations. Lindsey was a great showman and a talented musician. The kids loved it. He allowed my friend and I to show off our budding didge skills and spent time with us between shows, talking about the making of didges and Australian culture and native peoples. First grade said thanks for their show too. They loved it.

One kid from my class searched the room and found a small cardboard tube. He played it on and off for the rest of the day, and to our surprise, got a pretty good sound out of it. He may join your group in the future. “>

Thanks again. You guys rock!

Shari Lynn Gewanter, Kindergarten Teacher, Oak Ridge Elementary, FL



Lindsey was great. I even heard our principal, Tom Westermeyer, say that “this is the best show I’ve ever seen in school.”

Lisa McBee, Assistant Principal, West Melbourne Elementary School for Science, FL



I did all I could to hold my seat during the program!!! I wanted to dance! It was wonderful!!!

Bea Brown, Special Needs Teacher, Brookwood Elementary, GA



Just wanted to let everyone know that Didgeridoo Down Under was GREAT!!! The students have already asked for the books Darren highlighted during the show. So we will see a lot of reading about Australia happening in the next few weeks.

There was student interaction, visuals, and comedy. Along with lessons to be learned. Our music teacher helped prepare the students for this presentation, which really helped. We also incorporated the vocabulary words (from the Didgeridoo Down Under study guide) on our daily morning show.

Marie Valletta, Media Specialist, Sunrise Elementary, FL



Darren, we’ve gotten all kinds of positive comments about your presentation, followed up by a new curiosity about Australia. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you before this, to send you a whelming thanks for performing at Booker High School. What a wonderful job(?) you have, doing something that you love and sharing your enthusiasm about many parts of life with young people.

Your messages about career/life path, the environment, and other aspects were subtly presented as you seasoned your gentle sermons with entertaining vignettes. Continued good luck in your endeavor, and I most assuredly will pass along your name to other educators in our school system.

Ann Copeman, Media Specialist, Booker High, FL



I had to let you know how much we enjoyed Lindsey!! The kids and teachers were all thrilled with his assemblies on Thursday and the 4th graders LOVED learning to play their PVC didgeridoos today! All three of my boys were talking about how nice he was – and telling me I should have gotten my didg autographed like they did! Thank you, thank you!!!

Sydney Phillips, Music Teacher, Midway Elementary, SC



The shows were incredible. It was really cool how Lindsey relates music with our environment, history, culture, and reading. The teachers were really impressed.

Ron Price, Music Teacher, Carolina Elementary, SC



Lindsey was superb; he covered natural history, cultural history, cultural awareness and personal responsibility, in addition to the art and music lesson. Just after Lindsey left, other students on campus rushed in and said they had heard there was a wonderful hands-on musical presentation … they were sorry to miss it. Please compliment Lindsey for his professional approach, his warmth and enthusiasm for the project and his handling of the students. The lesson was all you had said it would be, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

Barbara Farrar, Social Studies Department Chair, Venice High, FL



Darren, thank you so much for the presentation yesterday! You made it very interactive and interesting for the kids. Their excitement has continued through today!

I really appreciate your time and kindness to the students and teachers. It was very nice of you to also spend a bit of time with Marshall from the Upper School. Your dedication to the kids and love for your subject makes it all that much better!

Jean Boothby, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, FL



I absolutely fell in love with the music of the didgeridoos!

Janie Hayes, Multicultural Liaison, Oldsmar Elementary, FL



Yesterday’s program was OUTSTANDING! Mr. Dank’s presentation was both entertaining and educational. He kept my students’ attention and interest for the entire hour. They were still talking about him when school ended! I have emailed 5 local public school principals with whom I have worked, and 6 of the parish school principals, to let them know Didgeridoo Down Under is a terrific assembly program.

Stew Downes, Principal, The Dreams Are Free School at Bishop Nevins Academy, FL


March 2007

Dear Mr. Liebman,

When I grow up I want to do what you do, but about slavery and Africa. I hope I can be as successful as you are. Thanks again, and continue to inspire.

Erin Richardson, 6th Grader, Jewett Academy, FL



Hi Darren & Lindsey, I just wanted to say THANKS for an AWESOME program today! As usual, you guys ROCKED!

Cathy Czyr, PTA President, JD Floyd Elementary, FL



Dear Darren,

The students really enjoyed Didgeridoo Down Under – even my “tough” 8th graders told me they enjoyed it (and they were being honest). I’ll even forgive you for making me hop like a kangaroo “> The “little” people teachers told me how AWESOME your show was.

I’ll be passing your name and information along to our superintendent for this diocese, so I hope our good word can bring you more opportunities to share your love and respect of Australia, its people, and its critters. Some teachers are already planning for how to arrange your visit for next year. I think I’m understating it when I say you were a hit with the students and staff of St. Joe’s.

Amy Kesler, Social Studies Teacher, St. Joseph Catholic School, FL



Yes, Yes ,Yes, it was fantastic and even my older kids who are usually a tough sell were as quiet as mice when I saw them at the program. All of the teachers LOVED it and were very impressed that science, social studies, vocabulary and all was included in a fun way! I have already recommended you to another colleague who works at two schools in southeast Volusia and she said she would set it up for next year! Thanks for coming!

Lynne McGinnis, Music Teacher, Indian River Elementary, FL



G’day to you, Darren!

The kids thouroughly enjoyed your show as well as the staff members! And yes, you did exceed my expectations. I didn’t know that they would learn so much vocabulary, that was perfect. You kept their attention and kept your promise to let them go crazy in the end “> I had a great time and so did many, many, many others. Thank you so much! We do hope to see you again soon in the near future!

Peace and Love,

Tamika L Morris, Multicultural Liaison, Skyview Elementary, FL



Thanks for a great program. The students were fascinated and Lindsey was very generous to answer their many questions – even staying after the presentation for a little while to do so. We especially liked his focus on tolerance as it is always nice when someone besides the teachers students see everyday, has the same message. We will certainly recommend your program highly to anyone we come in contact with. Again thanks – Lindsey was GREAT.

Candee Manwaring, Administrator, SunCoast School, FL



I don’t even know where to start to tell you how much our school LOVED Lindsey’s program! I will try ….. first of all, he absolutely exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to be pretty cool since I had spent quite a bit of time talking to Jeremy last spring at the Pettigru Arts Festival, but there was a tiny part of me that was a little nervous since I had never actually met Lindsey. Well, let me just say that I have never met anyone so professional, so dedicated, so talented, so fun, and so wonderful with children! You should have seen him with even the 5th graders (who are usually too cool to let loose) – he had them acting out as dingoes and kookaburras and having an amazing time! I really loved how he incorporated the importance of reading, perseverance, and respect for all people. I could go on forever, but I will end by saying that my enthusiasm for Lindsey and Didgeridoo Down Under will never lessen. It will be an experience that I will remember forever. Thank you for all your help in coordinating this event and your countless phone conversations. I am grateful!

Amy Cuny, PTA, Augusta Circle Elementary, SC



Dear Darren,

On behalf of the students, teachers, administration and parents, I would like to thank you for an AMAZING program last Friday that you put on for St. Mark’s. Everyone is still raving about the fabulous program that you presented at our International Day. You were so great with the kids, and they will remember your presentation for a very long time. You were entertaining and informative, and I am sure that they each walked away with new and interesting facts about Australia. I know that the teachers were wanting to know more and would love to have you return sometime. We look forward to seeing you back at St. Mark’s soon!

Melissa Goslin, PTA, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, FL



Dear Darren, Lindsey and Jeremy,

The campus is still buzzing (literally) about the didg show. I’ve had more students smile and talk to me today than ever before. Many of them have already started making didgeridoos and can’t stop talking about it. Even the students who didn’t really get “it” are affected, because everyone around them is so happy and positive talking about their experience. It is very cool. I told all of my art teacher friends how awesome Didg Revolution is, so the word is spreading.

Roxanne McGlashan, Art Teacher, St. Petersburg High, FL


Library Testimonials


Rob’s shows were fantastic. Simply put, we were blown away by his musical prowess. It was a wonderful, interactive, and educational program. He had the crowds roaring with laughter and captivated their presence throughout the entire show. He brought the didgetonic-funk, and the crowd ate it up.

Samuel Mull, Programming Coordinator, Loudoun County Libraries, VA


The program was FANTASTIC! Many presenters claim that their program is educational as well as entertaining but Rob’s presentation was exceptional!

Nadine Doherty, Children’s Services, Goshen Library, CT


What a great performance delivered by Will Thoren! His charismatic and playful personality got us dancing, hopping, and flying to the moon. He was able to weave informative facts about Australia’s political, tribal, and natural history, cool information about how didgeridoos are crafted and embellished, and strong messages promoting kindness, compassion, and responsible stewardship. Kids and adults alike were laughing and dancing throughout.

Melisa “Méla” Garcia, Librarian, Washoe County Library, NV


The show was great! Raihan was fantastic with the kids, his playing gave us goosebumps, and his message of kindness and positivity was right on!

Val White, Youth Services Specialist, Canton Free Library, NY


The show was great, one of the best shows we have ever had!! Seriously! Rob’s energy was contagious! The kids had great fun, but were educated at the same time!

Donna King, Children’s Librarian, Guernsey County Library, OH


Will (MacGavin) was awesome! I have NEVER in all my seven years of Summer Reading seen a performer hold the entire crowd’s attention for the entire length of the program. I loved the underlying message. We have the largest Summer Reading Program attendance in the state per capita. It takes a lot to impress me and I was thoroughly impressed!

Michelle Anderson-Jones, Laurel-Jones County Library, MS



Didgeridoo Down Under was amazing! Rob was fantastic! Not only did we hear and learn about didgeridoos, but also about Australian culture, animals, words and the importance of caring for our planet. Several parents responded that this was the best we ever had!
Tammy Sickmon, Youth Services Librarian, Cortland Library, NY



This has quickly become the community’s all-time favorite show. Hands down this was my favorite too. This really was the whole package.
Ronnie Tatro, Youth Service Coordinator, Massena Library, NY



DDU was without a doubt the best children’s program we’ve had in my 10 years here. Rob was amazing. The whole package was perfect. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it. It was like magic.
Kerri Steffen, Director, Cunningham Library, KS



The show was A-MAZING! Our kiddos and parents loved it. It was entertaining and educational. I would give it 100 stars!
Sharol Caw, Youth Services Librarian, LA County La Verne Library, CA



Wow! It was a terrific show. Will (Thoren) included humor, educational information, plenty of visual aids (which were beautiful), and engaged and involved the audience all along the way. And, to top it all off, he presented positive messages about conservation, recycling, and books & libraries! Loved it.
Lynette Christensen, Children’s Librarian, Prescott Valley Library, AZ



William MacGavin did an excellent job at keeping the children’s attention, audience participation and really impressed everyone with his didgeridoo playing. I had several parents and children tell me that this was the best program ever. As a librarian of a rural library, with limited funds, I feel that the money we paid for the show was totally worth it. Thank you so much!
Starr Montgomery, Director, Clyde Nix Library, AL



The show was amazing! William did a wonderful job interacting with the kids. He was very knowledgeable about Australia, discussing the culture, animals, and of course the didgeridoo! The kids had a blast, and the parents loved it. It was very educational with a wonderful message.

Ginny Edwards, Children’s Director, Leeds Library, AL



The program by Raihan was beyond fantastic. There was so much information that I did not know about our neighbors “Down Under.” I really enjoyed the theme of “Kindness” and “Tolerance.” It is something we all need to practice today. Thank you!

Carol Smith, Youth Services Librarian, Arlington Columbia Pike Library, VA



Having Raihan back to our libraries was like welcoming an old friend. He is truly a gifted and enthusiastic performer on so many levels. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the entire program.

Sherry Rodgers, Children’s Librarian, Washington County Library System, AR



Loved, loved the show! We had great feedback from our patrons and all who attended. Rob did a great job. I really appreciated the message of tolerance and kindness also. Now more than ever in this country we need to teach our children these things, and I think having a look into the awesomeness of another culture is a great way! Thanks so much!

Amy Wright, Youth Services Librarian, Rifle Library, CO



Hi Darren, The kids have come back asking for Australian stories and videos. I witnessed kindness in action (after your show) when a new teen tried to bully his little brother and one of the regular boys stepped in and told him he needs to be a better role model, then hugged the bully. That was the most scared look I’ve ever seen on a teen in my few years here, I’ll never forget it. Thank you for your great program!

Aundrea Siegenthaler, Library Technician, Englewood Charlotte Library, FL



The whole experience was FANTASTIC! Raihan was professional, on time, and great with the kids and families. We heard so many positive comments. I was particularly pleased with the educational component of the show. The families that participated in the Didge Workshop told me numerous times what a great experience it was.

Thank you again for being so flexible with us regarding the last-minute venue changes. We were so happy to be able to provide this experience to the communities that were affected by the recent flooding. Thanks!

Katie Murray, Children’s Services Coordinator, Kanawha County Libraries, WV



Raihan’s show was incredible, and we could not be more pleased with everything! The staff here was impressed that Raihan combined so many topics into one show. Children, teens, and adults all participated in the program, and were also thrilled with Raihan’s show! One of our child participants brought his own didgeridoo, and Raihan spent time with him after the show to give him a short didgeridoo lesson. We also adored Raihan’s lizard friend, Jellybean. Raihan went above and beyond our expectations, and many thanks go to him!

Janine Gorski, Youth Services Librarian, Sayre Library, PA



Rob & Tanya were brilliant, wonderful, great, remarkable and about 35 other superlatives! I’m certain we’ll be seeing them again! Thanks so very, very much!!!

Donna Geesman, Program Specialist, Arapahoe Library District, CO



Didgeridoo Down Under is a FANTASTIC program! This program, performed by Raihan, included the playing of several different didgeridoos, a drum, tambourine, and wooden frog clicker. It was an extremely informative program about the didgeridoos, the people who made them, and the country of Australia. He touched base on various SOL’s and was a firm supporter of anti-bullying and several elements of Civility! He spoke about the importance of reading and truly encouraged the children to read. He even brought a live animal that the children were allowed to touch. During the entirety of the program, the performer was captivating and had the children squealing and shrieking with delight!

Lisa Robinson, Children’s Youth Associate, Barron F. Black Library, VA



The show went amazingly well. I had no clue what to expect, but after the show, I was definitely trying to figure out how to get you guys back here. Raihan did a great job. The kids loved him, the staff loved him, and we had kids who fell in love with his lizard. He was very professional, and we loved having him here. Thanks for everything.

Sean Pittman, Library Program Supervisor, Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, NC



The program was fantastic. Everyone who attended loved the program and were still talking about it at the next storytime. Rob and Tanya were highly entertaining and very informative in a not in your face way that the kids loved. Adults and parents loved the program also. The whole program was fast paced, humorous, serious and just plain fun on all levels. You can tell that Rob and Tanya love what they do and believe what they are teaching, and it shows to all that are watching. Thank you for a wonderful program, and we look forward to participating in the future.

Nola Ramirez, Children’s Librarian, Los Banos Library, CA



We had two amazing performances at the Slidell Branch. Raihan was highly entertaining, informative, and incorporated his lessons about diversity, empathy, and that we are part of one world family in a way that encouraged buy-in and wasn’t preachy. And, of course the kids loved Jellybean! Great show!

Jennifer C. Martin, Children’s Services Librarian, Slidell Library, LA



Really enjoyed Raihan’s program today in Mulberry. Raihan was so good with the kids, so informative, funny, and the didgeridoo sounds were amazing. I went with my grandkids, who were blown away, as was I. We got to pet (yes, even I … it has taken my 60 years to touch a snake!) his hognose snake and skink, and the kids loved that. I loved the messages he gave about the earth, all one human race, diversity, empathy, cooperation, etc. Thank you so much for coming to the small towns. We loved it.

Laura Abel, Library Patron, Mulberry, AR



Oh. My. Gosh.

I am not sure what I was expecting exactly, but Rob and Tanya exceeded anything I could have come up with. This was one of the most entertaining and worthwhile programs our library District has ever had and I am so glad they were able to perform in our library. They did two shows, the first with an attendance of 147 children and adults, the second with 91, and both were amazing. Aside from being wonderfully talented musicians and storytellers, the messages within this program were ones that we should all be promoting as often as possible. There was not a single moment of boredom and the kids (and grownups) loved interacting with the stories and songs. Thank you so much for this incredible program; I hope we will be able to host you again.

Karrie Wicks-Romero, Children’s Librarian, Maricopa County Southeast Regional Library, AZ



I felt so proud and lucky to have been able to arrange Didgeridoo Down Under at our little rural library. It was one of the best we’ve ever had, and we’ve been doing this for 6 years. All 35 children LOVED it. Several of the kids told me “I want to move to Australia right now. The older kids wanted to stay and help take all the gear back to the truck with Rob and Tanya. I really can’t express how wonderful the show was. Rob and Tanya are true professionals – so talented and funny and they really know how to work a crowd. They took their time and gave it their all. Everyone was dancing and clapping. Thanks so much!

Linda de Berge, Librarian, Morristown Library, AZ



We saw Lindsey tonight at the Grandview branch of the Mid-Continent Library. It was amazing! I taught school for 20 years and this was the best program I have ever attended. He was so good with the kids. I loved the instruments, they are works of art. Lindsey was amazing the way he tied things in together from vocabulary, love of reading, recycling and being kind and respectful. It was just as interesting for the adults as it was for the children. I can’t say enough good things about the program! I am going to recommend it to my teacher friends.

Audra Ost Berry, Library Patron, Grandview, MO



Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the program come up to Massachusetts this summer. Lindsey was here this morning and everyone who was at the show could not praise him enough for a show well done! The show was educational, entertaining and, above all, one of the best shows that I have had in my 35 years as a children’s librarian.

Hooray for Didgeridoo Down Under!!

JoAnne Powell, Librarian, Peabody Institute Library of Danvers, MA



The DDU show was AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, and we can’t wait to do it again! Raihan is a wonderful musician, educator, performer and human being. He is multi-talented and genuinely concerned about people, nature and our earth. The kids and adults were eager to participate and beaming with praise after the performance. Thank you so much for a great opportunity to learn about and experience Australia!

Sue Fogarty, Librarian, Bordentown Library, NJ



Lindsey was absolutely fabulous. He is a natural presenter and blended serious educational, historical, and cultural information with action, storytelling, and of course, beautiful music. The humor, audience participation, and genuine concerns for the biomes and native clans of Australia is evident through the program. I also appreciate that Lindsey introduced important vocabulary and actively engaged the entire audience throughout the event. Lindsey was also a very talented didgeridoo player and extremely patient instructor. Parents and kids were raving about the programs afterwards. Thanks so much for performing at the South River Public Library. Your event truly made our summer, One World, Many Stories memorable.

Dawn Bladzinski, Youth Services Librarian, South River Library, NJ



We LOVED the show! Lindsey was excellent in every way. My expectations, honestly, were exceeded. The show has such an exotic appeal and was entertaining as well as educational. Lindsey’s heart and passion were what really sold the show. I give it five out of five stars!! I am so happy that we were able to book you.

Rebecca Tighe, Head of Children’s Services, Wilson County Library, NC



Hi Darren,

Just wanted to tell you that we heard such great comments about your “Down Under” program! You were terrific! Parents told us that they loved that you managed to pack so much good information into it and at the same time be so entertaining. And it was a riot to see kids rolling on the floor laughing hysterically while you were pulling stuffed animals out of a bag … who knew that would be so funny? Your ability for physical comedy and timing carried the program. Speaking of talent … we loved your music & rhythm of the didgeridoo playing. That has to be very difficult to learn to play and to maintain that breath control and circular breathing, wow, beautiful. Have a wonderful summer, and thanks for helping us get off to a great start with our Summer Reading Specials!

Virginia “Ginny” Howerton, Public Services Manager, Seminole County Library System, FL



Didgeridoo Down Under, as presented by Lindsey Dank, was exactly the kind of program that libraries (and schools and museums) seek out. DDU’s program was not just an educational forum, or a concert, or a didgeridoo workshop, but a little bit of everything all at once. Lindsey masterfully loosened the audience up with juggles of didgeridoo performance, historical introductions, and humor. Lindsey’s colorful explanation and walk-through served to demonstrate that mastering the didgeridoo takes dedication and effort, but that the first steps are there for anyone to try right away. From the steps for making animal and water sounds, to tricks to learn and improve circular breathing, Lindsey’s examples were easily understood by all. By way of background, Lindsey also displayed a marvelous passion for Aboriginal people’s art, music, and ways of teaching and living that is in harmony with our planet (a clear and direct example for the kids that attended the program). It was clear by the end of the program that the center of the program may be the didgeridoo, but the instrument also serves as a key to the world of Aboriginal culture and the natural life of Australia’s outback. In short, it’s clear that Didgeridoo Down Under edutainers like Lindsey Dank love sharing what they know in the most effective way.

Deivis Garcia, Librarian, Montclair Library, NJ



I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, but I have to admit it exceeded any expectations I could have had. It’s amazing how so much can be covered in an hour – geography, history, zoology, vocabulary, art (music, painting, acting). It touches on topics of diversity and the environment. It is without a doubt, a great example of an “integrated” lesson. And, to top it off, it’s FUN!

Great job! Great talent! Good luck to you!!

Yolairis Barranco, Library Patron, Miami, FL



Raihan, thanks so much for coming to our program this morning at the Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting House. It was the best program that I have seen in quite awhile. Educational, entertaining, musical, audience participation and the continual reminder of how we all share this planet and that our hearts beat the same the world around! Love it!!

Sally Otis, Library Director, Hazard Library, NY



Didgeridoo Down Under was the perfect closing for our Summer Reading Program. Lindsey arrived promptly and in no time transported us Down Under. His presentation was excellent, not only educational but amusing, and he captivated an audience of parents and children of all ages. We have rated Didgeridoo Down Under a perfect 10.

Jennifer Boyle, Librarian, Rockaway Borough Library, NJ



Dear Raihan,

Usually when we pay for a program, I don’t send a thank you note as well; in fact, I never have, but that is what I’m doing now. Your gift to us of your performances was of such excellence and from your heart that I wanted to add a personal and hearty THANK YOU!

Pamela Palmer, Children’s Librarian, West Lake Library, VA



The program was great! I had several parents approach me afterwards to say how much they and their children enjoyed it. Since I had no idea what to expect, I had no expectations but that it would be different from any other program we had sponsored here. It was certainly that! My personal favorite part was the older children playing the PVC pipes as didgeridoos. I was also amazed at how well even our younger children were able to keep the beat with the sticks and at how attentive they were during the informational segments of the show. I would be only too happy to provide a recommendation for your program. Thanks so much for coming!

Judy Takoch, Children’s Librarian, Carnegie Free Library of Connellsville, PA



I am an Aussie who lives in Florida. I was a little apprehensive when I came to the “Didgeridoo Down Under” event (at Cape Coral Library) that the performer was not an Australian. Let me tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised. Raihan did a really wonderful job playing and explaining the didgeridoo, providing accurate factual information and interesting stories. His presentation was interesting and varied and kept the attention of about 100 elementary children (and their parents). Thank you very much for a wonderful evening.

Michelle Hankey, Library Patron, Cape Coral, FL



Didgeridoo Down Under began our 2009 Summer Reading Program wonderfully. Every comment card we received noted the program as EXCELLENT (our highest rating). Lindsey was great to work with and very pleasant. It was nice to offer such a unique program and the community of Jarrettsville appreciated the opportunity to attend. Many Thanks!!!

Douglas Hess, Librarian, Jarrettsville Library, MD



Dear Darren,

The program was wonderful. You touched upon many important issues; the environment, self-esteem and respect for others. Your presentation was like a good recipe, with a pinch of education, a dash of humor and a heaping spoonful of entertainment. While that simmered, the melodic essence of the didgeridoo wafted throughout the room, helping to form a bridge over the differences among all peoples. We learned, we laughed, we danced, and all had a grand time!

Pamela Lipofsky, Children’s Librarian, Highland Beach Library, FL



I usually don’t stay in for the whole program, but I couldn’t leave today. I was spellbound!

Alice Grace, Youth Librarian, South Trail Library, FL



Didgeridoo Down Under has performed numerous times at the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative to rave reviews from parents and children alike! This summer Darren wowed the crowd at the Upper Tampa Bay Library through music, entertaining information and tons of participation that got them up movin’ and groovin’ to the sounds of the didgeridoo! Some of the comments were “Great job! Very informative and entertaining” and “Great time for parents as well as children. Participation by children is great!” We are looking forward to continuing the great relationship we have with HCPLC and Darren Liebman’s Didgeridoo Down Under!

Susan Johnston, Youth Librarian, Upper Tampa Bay Library, FL



Hello Darren,

Everyone who attended your show at the Fort McCoy Public Library had a fantastic time!! You have a special way of introducing ordinary facts in a way that makes them very exciting to listen to. The children as well as the adults were completely enthralled! It was fun to see all of the didgeridoos you have made or acquired but the different sounds or tones from each of them was really a captivating experience. One of the moms mentioned that after the show her children were begging to make didgeridoos so she bought some PVC piping the very next day. It was a wonderful as well as educational show with lots of quality child participation!

Marilyn Jones, Supervisor, Fort McCoy Library, FL



Lindsey’s show was great! The children and parents learned a lot, and Lindsey did an excellent job of sharing participation opportunities throughout the crowd. Attendance at this show was one of our largest ever (and possibly was our most crowded). Several participants told us that they’d driven more than 40 miles to catch Lindsey’s show, and at today’s gas prices that speaks volumes. Thank you for a wonderful program, and we look forward to working with you again.

Maria Baroco, Young Adult Librarian, Orange Beach Library, AL



The show was awesome. The music was wonderful, of course, and everyone had a great time learning how to play. I was also VERY impressed with the educational/respect for others and nature aspect of it. What a wonderful program! I and everyone else, I think, learned so much. I’ve never seen such a long and interesting question and answer session. Please thank Lindsey again, and thank him, too, for being so generous with his time. I will definitely let other people know about you! We look forward to seeing and hearing you again this summer!

Michelle Kiley, Young Adult Librarian, Ponte Vedra Library, FL



Mr. Lindsey Dank,

I feel so lucky that my daughter and I were able to catch your show today at the Leon County library. (I am the pregnant lady with the little red-headed girl.) We have been to a lot of library programs, many have been very nice, but none come close to the phenomenal experience we had today listening to the didgeridoos! We loved it so much and need to see it again!

How refreshing to see a program that reinforces what my husband and I try to teach our daughter at home … kindness, awareness of world community, sharing, caring for nature, caring for animals, respecting others, and just making mindful choices in general so that our actions affect the world in a positive way. Thanks again for a richly authentic experience and the best hour spent imaginable!

Christy Ashley, Library Patron, Tallahassee, FL



Dear Mr. Dank,

I just had to write to tell you what an awesome program you provided tonight. My nephew attended your program at the Lakes Regional Library (in Fort Myers). When he thanked you for your lesson, you complimented him on his enthusiasm. I truly hope you did get to see his enthusiasm because he was wild with excitement for the rest of the evening! He did nothing but talk about all that you taught him and in his enthusiasm, he taught me several things! I had no idea that a platypus was poisonous [editor’s note: a male platypus has “venomous” spurs on its hind legs], or that a didgeridoo was made from a termite-ridden log! I just had to complement you for sharing your skills and to thank you for your program. It was great!

Becky Newton, Library Patron, Fort Myers, FL



Hi Darren,

I want to thank you for working so wonderfully with our libraries and for your wonderful program. I received feedback forms from many of the libraries and all was positive. There is one line which asks, “What would you change about this program?” On the all the forms I received, except for one, the comment was, “nothing!” For the one exception (which I believe was from a friend of yours; program was at the Weston Library), “A Kangaroo should be here”….. :O)

Nancy Murray, Youth Services Administration, Broward County Libraries, FL



Hi Darren,

Thanks so much from all of our staff and patrons for the wonderful show! Everyone is talking about it being the best presentation we have had here at Lakes. My son, who is twelve and almost too cool to breathe these days, thought it was awesome!

Lisa Brower, Librarian, Johnson Lakes Library, GA


Camp & Childcare Testimonials


Hi Darren, Thank you again for bringing your fabulous program and artists to our recreation centers. I had a lot of fun on Thursday and Friday and it was a pleasure to meet you and the “Wills”. The students really enjoyed the experience as well.

William Thoren brings a fresh sound to his Didgeridoo Down Under performance! The students were enraptured by his playing and the familiar beats and beatboxing sounds he created provided the perfect entry point. He brings such passion and enthusiasm to his presentation. There was so much wonderful educational content. The students learned so much about this ancient instrument as well as about the Aboriginal people that have been playing it for over 1000 years. Both the students and the staff had a wonderful time!

William MacGavin brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm that the students really respond to in his Didgeridoo Down Under performance. You can tell he loves this instrument and is passionate about introducing students to the history and culture it represents. It was amazing to see the didgeridoos that he crafted himself and to hear how they made different sounds. There was so much wonderful educational content, as well as a lot of dancing! What a great experience!

Meg Heimstead, Artistic Supervisor, Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, FL



What a great show! I love how it was about more than just the instruments and that the children were reminded throughout the show about how people should treat one another and the earth. The blue tongued skink was an added bonus that the children loved!
Ellie Wood, Director, The Goddard School, Midlothian, VA



Thanks again to the folks from Didgeridoo Down Under! Rob and Tanya were absolutely dazzling in their performance for our 1- to 12-year-old children. They shared a wonderful message that wove knowledge of Australia seamlessly together with tolerance, understanding and even vocabulary. In addition to the rocking music that they made on those beautiful instruments, they made the children laugh and think. Don’t miss a chance to have DDU out to your school as soon as you can!

Glenn Grizzard, Director, Mountain Pathways Montessori, NC



Rob and Tanya’s program has been a HUGE success with all of our sites. Every site director, all of the kids, and even a few parents have expressed very positive feedback after the program.

Cory Jackson, Youth Development Director, YMCA of Western North Carolina



AMAZING!!! Lindsey awed our school children and teachers alike at this morning’s event. It was a great presentation which had the kids clapping, dancing and moving to the sounds and vibrations of this amazing instrument. We loved the educational and character development components … what great lessons and reminders for all of us. What do you get with 180 little ‘roos in the room, and an amazing performer? MAGIC! Thanks to DDU and especially Lindsey for making this an event these children will never forget.

Marianne Bower, Community Education Specialist, Charleston County Parks & Recreation, SC



The buzz in the air after you left was as loud as a swarm of insects!! I am not sure who enjoyed the performance more, the kids or the staff. The enrichment guide you provided us will be used time and time again. We usually use the same entertainment for our half days and usually the kids balk when they are not here, but not this time. Thank you for the enrichment, demanding respect and the overall content of your show. It is fabulous.

Jane Winters, After-School Program Director, Beacon Cove Intermediate, FL



The show was awesome!!! Raihan was a total professional. It was a source of great cultural exposure for our students in North Port. The coordinator for the 21st Century Grant for the Global Literacy Camp was present, and was completely impressed, noting that the program was “exactly what the grant was intended” to do for students! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Leiland Theriot, Music Teacher, Phillippi Shores IB World School, FL


College Testimonials


Rob was awesome and his concert was well received. We had a good mix of students and off campus guests (even the university president attended) and all were enthralled. The highlight of the evening was when Rob invited some students from the audience to come and try their hand at the didgeridoo. It was a lot of fun and a great cultural experience for us. I will certainly recommend Didgeridoo Down Under to other universities!

Dr. Michael A. Weaver, Cultural Events Coordinator, North Greenville University, SC



The Didge Evolution concert and the entire experience with Rob and Tanya were fantastic. They were wonderful to work with, and their presentation was very well received. I highly recommend!

Dr. James Latten, Music Professor, Juniata College, PA



Rob and Tanya were a fantastic act to bring to campus. They were courteous and professional, and brought a high level of artistry to share with students. For the workshop, they gave a wonderful blend of group and individual instruction, allowing students to go at their own pace and to practice different methods. While the music was impressive on its own, I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach of using various art forms, including storytelling, poetry, and photography, to convey the stories and myths of Australia’s culture. Thanks again!

Jessie Hurkes, Assistant Director of Student and Civic Engagement, Penn State Altoona



Darren did a marvelous job of performing and sharing a little bit of the culture of the indigenous people. The interactive aspect of actually getting to play the didgeridoo went over very well. Students really loved it. The career in music that most of us think about is really tough to achieve these days. Darren encourages students to think outside the box, as he himself has done with Didgeridoo Down Under. I think that struck a chord with a lot of our music students. It was a fabulous experience.

Kenneth Hanks, Music & Theatre Program Manager, Hillsborough Community College, FL



The workshops and concert were totally ripper! I can’t really say that everything met expectations, because it exceeded expectations. The students were tremendously excited to learn to play the didgeridoo, and Rob and Tanya’s instruction were very good. The performance was wonderful. The audience appreciated the performance, and the Q&A afterward. It was quite educational, and fit very well into our Indigenous Peoples series.

Dr. Jeanie Wozencraft-Ornellas, Music Department Head, Meredith College, NC



We enjoyed having Rob and Tanya here, and the show they gave was entertaining and impressive. Our audience loved it! Rob and Tanya are delightful, and I would love to have them back.

Elizabeth Bachelder, Performing Arts Series Director, Roanoke College, VA



Rob and Tanya were excellent performers and educators. They clearly love what they do and know a great deal about Aboriginal culture. What struck me is how versatile and comfortable they were with all age groups, skill levels, and backgrounds. They are very friendly and cooperative people, and this always makes it an enjoyable experience all around.

Dr. Keith Dippre, Music Department Chair, Methodist University, NC



Didge Evolution facilitated an excellent hands-on workshop to our music education majors and several local K-12 teachers. The evening concert was a unique experience for our recital hall, filled with a mix of earthly and electronic sounds, as well as beautiful images of Australia. The program was appealing for a wide range of audience members, both from campus and from the community.

Dr. Laura A. Stambaugh, Associate Professor & Head of Music Education, Georgia Southern University, GA



We (and I, especially) loved having Rob & Tanya here. Though the audience was small, their performance and workshop made a big impression. Even today, I heard positive comments about the concert and workshop. Rob and Tanya are very special people. I would definitely like to bring them back in a couple of years. Blessings,

Dr. Charlotte Anderson, Assistant Music Professor, Milligan College, TN




Just a brief note of reference pertaining to Didgeridoo Down Under’s presentation by Lindsey Dank at Darton College. Lindsey set up a display in our student center for interaction with our students during the day. He demonstrated various didgeridoos and shared Australian culture in a very informal setting. He interacted very weill with the students. Lindsey presented a lecture recital that evening that was entertaining, educational and interactive. He was quite enthusiastic in his interactions and presentations, including the lecture recital.

A highlight of his visit was his didgeridoo workshop the following morning, in which 40 college students and faculty participated. Lindsey taught everyone the basic (and some advanced) playing techniques on PVC didgeridoos. It was a lot of fun and quite educational.

Lindsey’s interaction with students and faculty at all three events went extremely well. His enthusiasm for Australian culture was contagious. I would recommend this event on school campuses as a multicultural event or for international festivals at colleges and schools.

Dr. Jeff Kluball, Director of Music, Darton College, GA


Corporate Event Testimonials


Many corporations / associations find it appropriate and timely to host internationally-themed events. I have found that the mystical beauty and unique cultural heritage of Australia is best personified by Didgeridoo Down Under. Darren Liebman and his talented, personable associates are committed to providing the best in interactive edutainment that respectfully and accurately communicates Aboriginal traditions, music and lore of the Outback.

Charles Steadham, Owner, Blade Agency, FL



The Australian Cruise Association has worked with Darren for the past three years to promote Australia at the world’s largest cruise shipping event – Seatrade Cruise Global. Darren has been a reliable and engaging part of our events.

Jill Abel, CEO, Australian Cruise Association



Everything went wonderful at both events! We really appreciate you providing such quality performers!

Natalee Mayo, Manager, Newbridge Marketing Group


Festival Testimonials


Thank you so much for being at Super Saturday 2015! I loved it!

Amber Keeran, Super Saturday Chair, Children’s Theater Festival, NC



The show was great. The children really enjoyed the interaction and being able to actually play the didgeridoo!

Bryan Price, Program Director, Danville Children’s Festival, VA



Lindsey was great! The kids really enjoyed him. Our camp helpers really milked him for information when he went out for dinner with all of us after the festival. He was open, talented, and willing to help in any way. The program was exactly what was needed for the kids, and the didg playing really added to the concert. Thank you so much for agreeing to book so far away, and we are so fortunate that he was willing to make the drive.

Sue Simonson, Director, Oberlin Children’s Choir World Music Festival, OH


Theater Testimonials

11/1/2018 (DDU Show)

Rob, Tanya & Darren-
What a neat couple of days it has been … watching the kids soaking up global knowledge and good life lessons, along with some totally cool yet unfamiliar music was so great, and then having a couple of them come up to me at the Turchin opening tonight and telling me proudly they were on stage was fait accompli! We will share your talents with our colleagues in NC Presenter Consortia and hope this may result in one step closer to didgeridoo global dominion!

Sali Gill-Johnson, Director of Artist Relations-Arts & Cultural Programs, Appalachian State University, NC


3/2/2018 (DDU Show)

Didgeridoo Down Under’s presentation was jam-packed with everything a patron of Spivey Hall’s Young People’s Concerts could want. Wonderful music, fabulous audience interaction, and terrific cross-curriculum connections! We so appreciate your artistry, your talents, and the time you took with our audience today!

Melanie Darby, Education Manager, Spivey Hall, GA


3/1/2018 (DDU Show)

Rob and Tanya were awesome. You have a great program, keep up the terrific work.

Jeffrey Wells, Artistic Director, Oconee Performing Arts Society (OPAS), GA


2/16/2018 (Didge Evolution Concert)

The Didge Evolution concert and the entire experience with Rob and Tanya were fantastic. They were wonderful to work with, and their presentation was very well received. I highly recommend!

Dr. James Latten, Music Professor, Juniata College, PA


10/8/2017 (Didge Evolution Concert)

The show was entertaining and impressive. Our audience loved it!

Elizabeth Bachelder, Performing Arts Series Director, Roanoke College, VA


1/21/2016 (Didge Evolution Concert)

The Didge Evolution concert was a unique experience for our recital hall, filled with a mix of earthly and electronic sounds, as well as beautiful images of Australia. The program was appealing for a wide range of audience members, both from campus and from the community.

Laura A. Stambaugh, Associate Professor & Head of Music Education, Georgia Southern University


3/22/2015 (DDU Show)

Thank you so much for being at Super Saturday 2015! I loved it!

Amber Keeran, Super Saturday Chair, Children’s Theater Festival, NC


Workshop & Residency Testimonials


Didgeridoo Down Under provided a highly engaging and compelling clinic for my band kids. They left excited, and it inspired a newfound respect for the instruments. As a music educator, exposure is key to a successful music education, and this was well worth the time and money spent.

Derek Shapiro, Director of Bands, Cypress Creek High, FL


Other Venue Testimonials 


Lindsey was amazing! Beyond our wildest expectations.

Mary Hamburg, Social Director, Osprey Village Senior Living Community, FL



G’day Darren! Thank you so much for making our Family Day extra-special! Your show was great!

Jane Ferry, Curator of Education, Orlando Museum of Art, FL



The show was great. Rob was extremely entertaining and held their attention for more than 45 minutes, which is not something we see very often at these events.

Scott Anderson, Marketing Manager, Carolina Place Mall, NC